Valentines – Did you know – at Premier Jewelers Jacksonville


Day 3 – Valentines in the UK

Although cards, flowers and chocolates are part of the celebrations, the British celebrate this day in their own special way. It’s a Valentines tradition in Britain to write lyrics and sonnets as a tribute to the icon of love, Saint Valentine. On this day, all lovers come together and pen poetic lines to commemorate the occasion.

Songs are the fun part of all British celebrations and a day as special as Valentine’s Day is no different. On this day, the English people, particularly the children play and sing their favorite romantic tracks or love ballads and are generously rewarded with candies, toys and truffles, in return.

On Valentines, the young girls wake up early in the morning, stand near the window, keeping an eye on the passers by. There is a belief in Britain that the first man a girl sees on the morning of Valentine’s Day is the man meant for her.

There is a belief among the people of U.K. that on 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, birds come together to find their mates. Thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer, this belief has come to be an fundamental part of Valentine’s Day lore today. In certain parts of U.K., Valentine’s Day is referred to as ‘Birds Wedding Day’. Traditional eats are baked buns topped with caraway seeds, plums and raisins on Valentines Day.

In U.K., Valentine’s Day also marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Therefore, making this day quite the celebration. Apart from the customary tradition of writing verses, people exchange loving moments, gifts and cards to celebrate the day.