Quantum Diamond – Too Funny


Jacksonville Diamond Dealers Lose Diamonds too!



When an alternate universe steals your diamond, and mocks you as you search!  

Alternate Universe Diamond Sidenotes:

Astrophysicist Jean-Luc Lehners, of the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, has argued that an inflationary universe does produce pockets. As he wrote in 2012, “Eternal inflation produces pocket universes with all physically allowed vacua and histories. Some of these pocket universes might contain a phase of slow-roll inflation, some might undergo cycles of cosmological evolution.”[3]

But, Lehners continues, “the current leading measure proposals—namely, the global light-cone cutoff and its local counterpart, the causal diamond measure—as well as closely related proposals, all predict that we should live in a pocket universe that starts out with a small Hubble rate, thus favoring emergent and cyclic models.” Just saying.