Meteorite Bands


He gave you the hardest substance on earth (your diamond) now give him something “OUT OF THIS WORLD”

Gibeon Meteorite Rings by Lashbrook Designs
In 1838 Captain J Alexander first reported the Gibeon Meteorite after hearing of large amounts of iron on the Great Fish River. Of course the natives had been aware of this metal and using it for years to make tools. The Gibeon fell in pre-historic times and is estimated to be 4 billion years old. Since it was first discovered more than 25 tons have been recovered, although export and sale have been banned by the Namibian government, the government recognizes that “small miners” are exporting this beautiful iron.


This is a 19lb slab of genuine Gibeon Meteorite. The very first step is to “slice” the meteorite. One of the tricks is “slicing” the meteorite in a way that produces the maximum amount of material to use for rings. They then place it in a mill and produce a round seamless piece – typically 4 or 5 mm wide.


The Lashbrook Design process –

Then they “acid etch” the meteorite to bring out the pattern. This pattern is most commonly called the Widmanstatten or Thomson pattern. (seen above) Creates a cross hatch pattern. Then they seal the meteorite inside and ouside to protect against moisture, and finally pressure fit the meteorite inlay into Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium, Damascus Steel, Gold, palladium or platinum. There is a fine balance between protecting the material while maintaining the texture, feel and beauty of one of the coolest materials in heaven or on earth.

Stop by today and see a piece of a real meteorite in it’s raw form. Then pick which Lashbrook Meteorite Ring you would like to add to your collection.