Certified Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

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Certified Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

This ring is14k white gold. This engagement ring is a Certified Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring. The engagement ring has a 1.08 ct round diamond in the center with .76 cttw on the sides. This totals for a 1.84 cttw.

Certified Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

1.08 ct round diamond in the center, and add .76 cttw on the sides for a total of 1.84 cttw.

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Certified Diamond Engagement Rings provide the ultimate in diamond transparency. Whether your preference is a GIA or an EGL Certified Diamond Engagement Ring.

The certified diamond GIA products are very authentic. This is because they have been put through several qualitative measurements of standard in order to confirm their quality, value and worth. If you are a diamond enthusiast, you probably already know that GIA is the oldest diamond certification establishment in the world today. This therefore means that they have all the experience that anyone could think of in the field of quality assurance and grading of diamonds. The GIA developed the first internationally accepted Diamond Grading System with unbiased opinions on the quality of polished diamonds, by applying uniform criteria to their grading.

GIA was also responsible for the first modern diamond grading reports and giving clear outlines for grading methods.  This set the standard for diamond quality documentation globally. Although it is best known for its activities relating to diamonds, the institute is also involved with colored gemstones and pearls. All the superb certified diamond GIA products such as engagement rings have been long-established to be genuine. The GIA is not involved in the buying, selling, or appraising of gems and jewelry.  Each stone submitted for certification is carefully checked by numerous professionals to ensure maximum accuracy and grading consistency for client protection.

Their aim is to provide the industry and the public at large with an independent, objective opinion regarding the quality of the diamond and acting as an unbiased authority for standards in diamond grading, a highly important step to ascertain the public’s trust in the diamond industry.