Jewelry Fun Facts – Part II


Jewelry Fun Facts – Part II


In ancient times people believed that gold came from the Sun.  There were even religious groups that believed gold were tear drops from their Sun Gods.

Did you know diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow?  Diamond color changes due to the chemical composition when the diamond is formed (or after, in the case of green diamonds).  These colored diamonds are know as fancy diamonds and since they are so unique, they are judged on their own scale from faint color to fancy and fancy vivid.  Sometimes there is even a mixture of colors in a diamond that will increase or decrease the value, depending on the combination.  The more intense and pure the color, the more rare and valuable the diamond.

Only one in a million of minded diamonds ends up in jewelry.

The first synthetic diamond appeared during the 1950’s

Silver has been used for jewelry for more than 6 thousand years.

Amber is fossilized tree sap and is at least 30 million years old.  Remember Jurassic Park?

Obsidian is a natural glass that is formed during volcanic eruptions.

Black Jet that was popularized during the 1837-1876 reign of Queen Victoria, is made from fossilized coal formed over 180 million years ago.

Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first two ancient civilizations that started organized production of jewelry. Their advancement of metallurgy and gem collecting played an important role for development of jewelry in every civilization that came after them.

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