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Jacksonville sign and tire buyback


jacksonville sign and tire buyback Tire & Sign Buyback March 28, 2015 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Everbank Field, Lot J For more information, call (904) 630-CITY The City of Jacksonville is hosting a tire and sign buyback at Everbank Field on Sat., March 28. Read this flyer for more details. Residents can receive $2 per tire up to 10 tires and 50 cents per sign up to 40 signs. Tire and Election sign Buy ...[Read More]

How do Diamonds Get Their Color?

blue diamond halo ring

How do Diamonds Get Their Color?   Most natural diamonds are formed at extremely high temperatures and pressure.  They are usually formed at the earth’s mantle at depths of 87 to 118 miles below.  Minerals containing carbon provide the carbon source and takes 1 billion to over 3 billion years to form.  They are brought to the Earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions by magma whi ...[Read More]

Gibeon Meteorite Rings by Lashbrook Designs


Gibeon Meteorite Rings by Lashbrook Designs In 1838 Captain J Alexander first reported the Gibeon Meteorite after hearing of large amounts of iron on the Great Fish River.  Of course the natives had been aware of this metal and using it for years to make tools. The Gibeon fell in pre-historic times and is estimated to be 4 billion years old.  Since it was first discovered more than 25 tons have be ...[Read More]

Jewelry Fun Facts – Part II


Jewelry Fun Facts – Part II   In ancient times people believed that gold came from the Sun.  There were even religious groups that believed gold were tear drops from their Sun Gods. Did you know diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow?  Diamond color changes due to the chemical composition when the diamond is formed (or after, in the case of green diamonds).  These colored diamonds a ...[Read More]

Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday Small Business Saturday this year is November 29th. Support your favorite small business. This November 29th is Small Business Saturday, a day to celebrate and support the local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country. Premier Jewelers Jacksonville is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday, and we’re encouraging e ...[Read More]

Loose Diamond

diamond semi mounting

Loose Diamond   Our lovely loose diamond pictured here is a 1.01 round I/SI2 with a Gem Appraisal.  This beauty is priced to sell;  originally $3,995.00 but has been reduced to $3,495.00 The diamond is shown with one of our stunning halo semi mounts, we have several to choose from, this halo has .56cttw of diamonds set in 14kt white gold.  Original price $1,495.00 now reduced to $1100.00 Mayb ...[Read More]

Sterling Silver with a Rhodium Finish by Sterling Reputation

We here at Premier Jewelers Jacksonville; proudly carry this beautiful line of Sterling Silver with a Rhodium Finish by Sterling Reputation. Sterling Reputation celebrates its 14th year of outstanding service to independent retail jewelers, with lines of fashion-forward, Sterling Silver jewelry from around the world. Cutting-edge designs of .925 Sterling silver with a Rhodium finish by Sterling Re ...[Read More]

Hardwood Rings by Lashbrook Designs


Hardwood Rings by Lashbrook Designs are virtually water proof and available in many colors.  the infusion process used to produce Lashbrook Designs wood product gives it the density of brass and it can simply be buffed and polished.  No stain, lacquer or other sealant is needed.  Hardwood rings can be made in Titanium,  Cobalt Chrome Damascus Steel or Black Zirconium. The ring pictured here is mad ...[Read More]

Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber Lashbrook Designs – Carbon Fiber is best known for its strength-to-weight ratio and is used in the most high-tech bicycles, motorcycles, sailboats and fighter jets.  Lashbrook “sandwiches” carbon fiber into a three-piece performance metal band, producing an innovative look while keeping the ring strong, but light. What is Carbon Fiber? It  was first invented near Cle ...[Read More]

Jewelry Fun Facts


Jewelry Fun Facts   1.  In some cultures people used to swallow pearls to relieve pain. 2.  The largest pearl ever found weighed a whopping 14 pounds. 3.  Tiffany and Company’s engagement rings had a price tag of $40 in 1896. 4.  The Queen of England’s jewelry collection is estimated to be worth 57 million dollars. 5.  The heart of the Ocean from James Cameron’s Titanic was ...[Read More]