Three Amazing Reviews! We Love our customers!


We got three awesome reviews from our awesome customers over the past few days. Valentine’s Season is keeping us busy, but don’t worry. Premier Jewelers has the perfect gift waiting for your sweetest. Come experience the service and selection at YOUR Jacksonville Jeweler. Premier Jewelers!

Diamond Engagement Ring SuperPages Review

jeweler review superpages

Picked up an diamond engagement ring here after searching a few retail shops. I feel like I got a lot more ring than I would have at Town Center or the Avenues. Another Superpages review from Anyonymous After consulting my Jacksonville Jeweler, I proposed to my very lovely fiance a top the Contemporary hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort. I had the ring delivered to the table, dropped to one kne ...[Read More]

Did not have a Jeweler in Jacksonville. Now I do!!!

yelp jewelry store review

I have only been in Jax for a year and Did not have a Jeweler in Jacksonville. Now I do!!! I recently got married and waited until the last week to get the wedding bands. Hey, don’t judge, I had alot on my plate. I was NOT one of those grooms that gets to show up on the wedding day. Not me! I  was KNEE DEEP in it. So, as I was calling around, everyone was saying 3-5 days to get the rings siz ...[Read More]

Selling Gold for the First time

yellowpages review jacksonville

“mwsn66” review Selling Gold for the First time In a bind and first time I’ve had to resort to selling my jewelry. So I was a little wary, (no alot wary) of doing this and had no ideal what to expect. So I had a couple of friends go with me for support and was pleasantly surprised at the kindness of the the man and woman working behind the counter. They explained how they rate th ...[Read More]