Jacksonville Jewelry Repair by a Master Jeweler

Premier Jewelers, one of Jacksonville, Florida’s best-known independent Jewelry Stores has changed hands this past May. After 18 years of business, owner Glenn Nedrow has handed the reigns over to Master Jeweler Tim Le. Glenn knew that Tim would take care of his customers and business and strive to keep Premier Jewelers a 5 star rated Jewelry store.


Out with Tim’s Old Place…

Get your jewelry fixed fast, and fixed on site, at Premier Jewelers.

For past clients, you are assured the same quality work you have received at Premier Jewelers for the past 18 years. For future clients, you will be getting a master jeweler who has been a fixture at Jacksonville’s Major Malls, Minor Malls and Jewelry stores. Tim has been moonlighting across Jacksonville’s jewelry stores, and has been pulled in many directions. As his reputation and talents have grown, so have demands for his time and expertise. Tim now has his own “One Stop Jewelry Repair Shop” right in the heart of Southside Jacksonville. Premier Jewlers is a short drive from the big mall, with the big parking lot, and long walk. At Premier Jewelers skip the traffic and the big prices. Talk straight to the Master Jeweler!

Tim spent most of his time and was the lead Jeweler for Fast Fix in the Avenues Mall.

Tim Le said the deal was a win-win for all parties for several reasons.


In with Tim’s new store where he will be Repairing Jewelry 6 Days a week.

“The retail store will give him a venue to showcase his jewelry repair and expertise. Since the the middleman has been eliminated, we’ve also eliminated the commissions paid to other jewelry repairmen” he said. Tim also has a passion for Jewelry and has added merchandise.

“We’ve never had this intensity of inventory. It’s surreal in terms of quality, variety, dimension and size.”

After just getting back from the Atlanta Jewelry Show, known nationally for it’s variety and straight quality.

“We can sell this jewelry to our customers at a discount as our overhead, our relationships, and experience affords us. We pass all of that knowledge and in turn savings to our customers”

“Tim was the perfect candidate for taking over Premier Jewelers.”
said Nica Palmero

Nica Palermo who has been with Premier Jewelers for 10 years will stay on. She has helped cultivate a client base that seems to grow everyday.

“As a natural jeweler,” Nica Palermo said “Tim was the perfect candidate for taking over Premier Jewelers.”

“He’s very strong in the engagement ring business. We are engagement central here on Baymeadows and Southside. Tim is so good at creating custom engagment settings, you are getting it directly from the arteasan” Those savings get passed on to you. Hopefully a soon to be repeat customer.

Tim brings 20 years experience along with him. For the past 18 years with Premier Jewelers.

, Jacksonville Jewelry Repair by a Master JewelerTim spent most of his time and was the lead Jeweler for Fast Fix in the Avenues Mall. He also did part time on site repairs 2 days a week for Premier Jewelers. Tim acquired Premier Jewelers just this past May, and couldn’t be happier about it.

Tim is also a family man married his Bride Kelly in 2010. They have 1 child and have made Jacksonville their home for 20 Years. Tim and his family love Jacksonville and all it has to offer. They have invested in the community and look forward to providing world class jewelry repair right here on Southside and Baymeadows in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ownership Group

Jacksonville Jewelry Repair by a Master Jeweler
Tim Le
Tim’s skills as one of Jacksonville’s most sought after Master Jeweler grow with every piece of Jewelry he fixes. Now you can find him and his unmatched skill set in one place, 6 days a week.
Jacksonville Jewelry Repair by a Master Jeweler
Kelly Le
The Boss
Balances customer service and quality control at the store with being the absolute Best Mom in World. It has been confirmed by a member of our ownership group, that Kelly is indeed the best Mom in the world. Being Married to a Master Jeweler for too many years to count, Kelly has developed her keen eye for cutting edge, as well a classic Jewelry.

Jacksonville Jewelry Repair by a Master Jeweler
Little Tim
The Protege
Specializing in Cartoons, snacks, homework and giving his Mom and Dad untold amounts of Joy, Tim’s boy keeps things light and entertaining. He also has strong opinions about his mother. Everyday we get up and go to work so little Tim can have everything he needs in this world. We are a Family Owned Jacksonville Based Independent Jewelry Store and we will do everything we can to earn your business.