How Much is the Gold Jewelry you want to sell worth?

What other factors determine the value of a gold jewelry piece?

When you buy gold jewelry, using Pure (100%) gold is too soft, so that gold jewelry is usually mixed with other metal alloys (silver, copper, nickel and zinc) to make it stronger and more durable for the everyday use of your jewelry.

What is a karat?
The karat indicates the amount of pure gold in the metal. The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the metal and the money you will get when you sell gold jewelry.

Is 10Kt harder than 14Kt or 18Kt? 24Kt gold is pure but too soft to use, so it is mixed with other metals to strengthen it. 18Kt is 75% pure. It is the European standard. 14Kt is the most popular choice in the U.S.; however, 10Kt is an affordable, beautiful alternative.
White gold is the quality of 10Kt or 14Kt mixed with different metals to make it silver-colored.

Why is 18k gold more valuable than 14k gold?
18k gold contains a higher (75%) percentage of pure gold than 14k gold (58.3%).

What kind of markings can be found on gold jewelry?
You should see a marking such as ’14k’ or ’18k’ to indicate the karat, and you may sometimes also see the manufacturers registered trademark or the country of origin. It may have been resized and  the markings could be missing.

What is the difference between yellow, white, & rose gold?
Pure gold (which is always yellow) is too soft for making jewelry. The metal alloys that are mixed with pure gold for rings, necklaces, and bracelets for strength can also modify the resulting color. Shades of yellow, white, and pink gold are the result. A platinum imitator, White gold usually contains 25% nickel and zinc.

What other factors determine the value of a gold jewelry piece?
There are many other factors that determine the value of a gold jewelry piece: