TW Steel Watches are now in Jacksonville Florida

Dutch by design, big in attitude and peerless in class, TW Steel Watches are the new school for time. Unashamed to be different and taking strength from size, TW Steel Watches carved a new timeline in the watch market since our arrival in 2005.

TW Steel Watches make no apologies for resisting the norm and neither do those who choose to stand tall and wear our time. There’s an art to being bold with style, it takes confidence and character to stand alone…it’s not a TW Steel Watch, it’s a statement.

Time doesn’t rest and neither does TW Steel; our innovative TW Steel Watch design is in perpetual motion, keeping us one step ahead of the pack.

We are TW Steel.



The original TW Steel. The Canteen was the first design to hit the market and remains the boss as the number one collection. Defined by the signature hook/crown cap and two steel dots on the leather strap it’s an instantly recognizable design icon.



Available in three-hand, automatic and chronograph editions, have the original TW Steel Canteen how you like it.



Inspired by the original Canteen collection, the first design to hit the market and define TW Steel. Keeping the signature hook/crown cap The Canteen Bracelet collection shakes off the leather strap of the original and goes for cold hard steel and a new style.

Make it happen with 40mm, 45mm and 50mm editions and a range of steel bracelet designs to set off the clean contemporary feel. Available in three-hand, automatic and chrono editions, it’s real Steel time.

TW Steel Watches TWTT

“Personally, I take a great degree of satisfaction that ten years on from the introduction of our first Canteen Collection,” said TW Steel co-founder and Chief Design Officer, “there’s still room to develop the range as we’ve done with the 2015 models.”

He continued, “Canteen has showed its staying power in the market and we know how much people love their pieces. Re-styling isn’t done for the sake of it; it’s only done to improve the design aesthetically or technically. We’ve kept the DNA of these models to satisfy the consumer but we’ve obviously enhanced their appeal with the new adaptions and style improvements. It’s exciting to see such growth in the Canteen range, with the new collection taking us to around 200 designs. It’s been a substantial task but I’ve taken great delight in it knowing the enduring legacy of this design and its integral role in the success, both past, present and future, of TW Steel.”

TW Steel Watches available exclusively at Premier Jewelers Jacksonville