Introducing Secured Loans


Premier Jewelers Jacksonville – Introducing Secured Loans



So, do you need to come up with some quick cash and have quality jewelry that you can’t bare to part with?  In the state of today’s economy it is sometimes necessary to come up with money quickly for unexpected repairs or even a vacation.  No worries, you can bring that family heirloom to Premier Jewelers Jacksonville for a discreet cash loan on the spot.  You can also rest easy that your prized possession, is vault secured and fully insured, we are also regulated by state laws and are subject to audits on a regular basis.

What to Bring with you!

If you have any paperwork for your jewelry make sure to bring that with you.  This is particularly important if diamonds are involved.

The most common kind of paperwork is an appraisal.  Just be aware that the price listed on the appraisal isn’t the actual value of your item – it’s just a retail price for replacing it if your insurance company had to reimburse you for any reason.

Remember to bring your state issued ID, generally a drivers license or passport.


Now consider this…

Because we can loan you money on your jewelry, that also means that we buy our inventory from individuals, such as yourself, factory closeouts and estates.  This means that you get more “bang for your buck”.  Let’s assume that you are wanting to spend $5,000 on an engagement ring.  You can either buy a pretty nice ring at the mall or a really nice ring here at Premier Jewelers Jacksonville.

Why we are different…

We have a master jeweler on staff that completely inspects every piece to make sure that it is in pristine condition.  That includes checking prongs, diamonds and refurbishing; whether it needs to be cleaned and polished to re-rhodium plating.  Every piece of jewelry is perfect before we allow it on the showroom floor.