Hardwood Rings by Lashbrook Designs


Hardwood Rings by Lashbrook Designs are virtually water proof and available in many colors.  the infusion process used to produce Lashbrook Designs wood product gives it the density of brass and it can simply be buffed and polished.  No stain, lacquer or other sealant is needed.  Hardwood rings can be made in Titanium,  Cobalt Chrome Damascus Steel or Black Zirconium.

The ring pictured here is made of Titanium and Jadewood

Lashbrook was founded in 2000 by Eric Laker. The company is named for Eric’s great, great grandfather, Lashbrook Laker. Lashbrook was born in 1835 and emigrated to Utah when he was 15. Here at Lashbrook we try to foster the pioneer spirit of our ancestors and other great pioneers. Their example of fearlessness in the face of the unknown leads us as we strive daily to innovate and to overcome preconceived limitations. We started with just a handful of styles that were finished in Eric’s garage. It has now progressed to tens of thousands of style variations produced from scratch in our state-of-the-art facility.

Who We Are:
Lashbrook is a manufacturer and designer of men’s wedding bands. Lashbrook employs over 80 of the best technicians, artists, customer service, and marketing specialists in the industry. We practice lean manufacturing which puts us at the forefront of manufacturing philosophy and technology. Lean is based on the principles of waste reduction, high quality control standards, and constant improvement. We use the principle of constant improvement (or Kaizen) to make daily changes to the way we make our rings. This also spills over to a culture of improvement in all other business practices and in the lives of our employees.

Hardwood Rings Jadewood


The next example is Fiji Orange wood with Black Zirconium




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