Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Lashbrook Designs –

Carbon Fiber is best known for its strength-to-weight ratio and is used in the most high-tech bicycles, motorcycles, sailboats and fighter jets.  Lashbrook “sandwiches” carbon fiber into a three-piece performance metal band, producing an innovative look while keeping the ring strong, but light.

What is Carbon Fiber?

It  was first invented near Cleveland, Ohio, in 1958.

Carbon fiber is one of mankind’s greatest engineered materials.

Carbon fiber sometimes known as graphite fiber. It is a super strong material that’s also very lightweight. Engineers and designers alike, love the material because it’s five times stronger than steel, two times as rigid, but weighs about two-thirds less than steel. Carbon fiber is essentially very thin strands of carbon — even thinner than  a human hair. The strands are then twisted together, like yarn. The yarns is then woven together, to create a cloth.  Carbon fiber cloth can have many different weave patterns. To make the fiber take on a permanent shape, it can be laid over a mold, then coated with a stiff resin (kind of like how you would make something out of paper mache’;  by putting layer after layer of newspaper over a mold, then adding paste to force it to hold the shape).