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Sterling Silver with a Rhodium Finish by Sterling Reputation

We here at Premier Jewelers Jacksonville; proudly carry this beautiful line of Sterling Silver with a Rhodium Finish by Sterling Reputation. Sterling Reputation celebrates its 14th year of outstanding service to independent retail jewelers, with lines of fashion-forward, Sterling Silver jewelry from around the world. Cutting-edge designs of .925 Sterling silver with a Rhodium finish by Sterling Re ...[Read More]

Hardwood Rings by Lashbrook Designs


Hardwood Rings by Lashbrook Designs are virtually water proof and available in many colors.  the infusion process used to produce Lashbrook Designs wood product gives it the density of brass and it can simply be buffed and polished.  No stain, lacquer or other sealant is needed.  Hardwood rings can be made in Titanium,  Cobalt Chrome Damascus Steel or Black Zirconium. The ring pictured here is mad ...[Read More]

Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber Lashbrook Designs – Carbon Fiber is best known for its strength-to-weight ratio and is used in the most high-tech bicycles, motorcycles, sailboats and fighter jets.  Lashbrook “sandwiches” carbon fiber into a three-piece performance metal band, producing an innovative look while keeping the ring strong, but light. What is Carbon Fiber? It  was first invented near Cle ...[Read More]

Jewelry Fun Facts


Jewelry Fun Facts   1.  In some cultures people used to swallow pearls to relieve pain. 2.  The largest pearl ever found weighed a whopping 14 pounds. 3.  Tiffany and Company’s engagement rings had a price tag of $40 in 1896. 4.  The Queen of England’s jewelry collection is estimated to be worth 57 million dollars. 5.  The heart of the Ocean from James Cameron’s Titanic was ...[Read More]

Mokume Gane from Lashbrook Designs


 This week we are discussing Mokume Gane from Lashbrook Designs.   Mokume Gane ; is pronounced moe-koo-may  gah-nay   Like Damascus Steel, Mokume Gane is an ancient metalworking process that creates unique, swirled patterns.  Where damascus steel utilizes two stainless steels, Mokume Gane uses precious metals.  The name “Mokume Gane” is Japanese for “wood grain metal ...[Read More]

Caring for my Diamond


Caring for my Diamond Diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, but they will chip and yes, even break or shatter. While they can only be cut or polished  by another diamond, a hard hit can cause damage. Which is why you should never wear your diamond jewelry when doing rough work. TIPS ON CARING FOR YOUR DIAMONDS The Basics of Keeping Your Diamond Clean Putting Diamonds Away Don’t sto ...[Read More]

Lashbrook Designs – Damascus Steel


Lashbrook Designs – Damascus Steel This week we will be discussing Damascus Steel rings created by Lashbrook Designs. Damascus steel was a type of steel originally used for sword making. Damascus steel was made from wootz steel, a steel developed in India some time around 300 BC.  The swords are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and peppering, resembling wood grain or flowing ...[Read More]

Lashbrook Designs

Lashbrook Designs Is an 8 time winner of the  JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards. They are proudly made in the USA What makes Lashbrook distinct?  Sure they make rings, but it’s the Lashbrook Experience that makes them different from all of their competitors.  Lashbrook Designs creates individual masterpieces that are as unique as our customers.  You choose the materials, the design, the colo ...[Read More]

How often will I need to Rhodium Plate my ring?


How often will I need to Rhodium Plate my ring?   With the recent popularity of white metals, we are asked similar questions more and more frequently. The answers depends on several factors that we will explain below.   Our current cost as of February 2014 for rhodium plating starts at $30 per piece. This includes cleaning and polishing. Contact Premier Jewelers today to have your ring r ...[Read More]

Marvelous Meteorite


Marvelous Meteorite Our Meteorite rings are some of the most sought-after designs of this year. These rings on the cutting edge of design. Gibeon Meteorite is becoming increasingly rare. The Namibian government has stopped exports out of their country, making it more difficult to source this material. Lashbrook uses raw Meteorite materials and much is discarded during the manufacturing of each rin ...[Read More]