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Premier Jewelers has been selling Diamond Engagement Rings in the Jacksonville area for almost 15 years. Come see Glenn and take advantage of his Diamond expertise. You will get a yes!

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Premier Jewelers on Baymeadows Road offers full service Jewelry Repair. From watch bands and batteries to full service Jewelry Repair. Our on-site Jewelry Tech can do it.

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At Premier Jewelers here on Baymeadows and Southside, we just wanted to let you know we now have an onsite Jeweler everyday for your Jewelry Repair needs.

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Stunning Engagement Rings in Jacksonville

Stunning Engagement Rings in Jacksonville

The finest diamonds at affordable wholesale prices? Our jewelry store sells so much more than great diamonds. Glenn Nedrow, owner of Premier Jewelers Jacksonville provides the ultimate diamond jewelry service in Jacksonville FL. Don’t get ripped off by those mall jewelry stores, we have some of the best Jewelry in Jacksonville, FL. Jacksonville area customers the opportunity to shop an outstanding selection of fine jewelry in a relaxed casual atmosphere. Not sure about the 4c’s ? We’ll be happy to explain as we are one of the Best Jewelry Stores for Stunning Engagement Rings in Jacksonville. We also have a collection of rare, authentic antique jewelry as we are experts in Estate Jewelry.

Outstanding selection of Fine Jewelry

Outstanding selection of Fine Jewelry

Premier Jewelers, your Jacksonville Jewelry store specializes in Engagement Rings, Loose Diamonds, Custom Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Bridal Sets, Wedding Bands, Fashion Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, and more! We offer twice the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, price it well, and present it with expert advice and candor. Premier Jewelers has the best selection high-end jewelry and the professional services to match. We have the best reviews for Jewelry stores in all of Jacksonville, FL. That makes us one of Jacksonville ‘s most reputable jewelry stores. Our Jewelry store is family operated since 2001. Jacksonville Jewelry has the best selection of high-end jewelry and the professional services to match!

Rare, authentic antique jewelry as we are experts in Estate Jewelry.

Our jewelry store offers Jacksonville area customers the opportunity to shop an outstanding selection of fine jewelry in a relaxed environment.

Jacksonville Jeweler Premier Jewelers provides ultimate value in diamond jewelry near Jacksonville FL.

Ultimate Value in Diamond Jewelry

Jacksonville’s Destination for the finest diamonds at affordable wholesale prices. You’ll have to check our Our jewelry store to see!

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A few words about diamond engagement rings near Jacksonville FL.

If you are looking for a jewelry store to find the best deals on engagement rings in Jacksonville, Fl, then you are in the right place. Premier Jeweler’s Diamonds selection has your choice of Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Loose Diamonds, Custom Diamond Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Antique Diamond Engagement Rings all in the heart of Jacksonville’s Southside. We are the Southside’s Jewelry Store. We are Jacksonville’s Jewelry Store. We want to be YOUR Jewelry Store!

As the capital of North Florida, Jacksonville is steeped in rich history and vibrant culture. We’d like to think we have one of the best antique inspired engagement rings and wedding bands selections on the Southside. Jacksonville, Florida is considered to be one of the most romantic and historic cities in north Florida. Our customers demand we stock unique diamond halo engagement rings as well as a handmade rings which come in a variety of stones and materials. From engagement rings, wedding bands, and our specialty jewelry repair, gold appraisals, diamond appraisals,and custom design, Premier Jewelers is Jacksonville’s one-stop jewelry store. A Jewelry Store of distinction with Exceptional Diamonds, Gemstones, and Customer Service. Visit Our Jacksonville Location Today!

Diamond Engagement Ring Builder

Preview your handcrafted diamond engagement ring in Jacksonville for free! We have a Custom Engagement Ring builder right here on our website. Jacksonville

Diamond Engagement Repair

Premier Jewelers offers a very quick rhodium plating of my engagement ring at a competitive price. Our shop repairs engagement rings, wedding bands for men and women, ring settings, and more.

Reviews on Engagement Rings in Jacksonville
If you need your engagement ring needed to be set, we expect you to be particular about how the result will turn out. That is 100% our business. Making sure your treasures are exactly as beautiful as they are in your minds eye.

No Diamond Engagement Risk, No Honeymoon Reward.

Shop our selection of quality Jacksonville Diamond Engagement Rings and experience 1st class customer service in Jacksonville. Expect Lower Prices as we don’t spend out money on overhead. Sure we have a convenient location, but we aren’t paying for a Super Bowl Ad and Prime-time Advertising budgets to support a Big Box Retail location. Or more to the point multiple locations! We pass that Diamond Engagement Saving on to you and your soon to be bride. Come see one of the widest assortment of engagement rings around Jacksonville. Selecting the right engagement ring requires time and thought.

Are you clueless about buying jewelry?

We offer GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices, one-on-one service. We encourage our client’s to ask questions and then strive to find answers if we don’t have them. We don’t just sell diamonds, we help search our local Jewelry store partners as well. We constantly trade stock to accommodate our friends across town. We have been in business for two decades! Put our diamond connections to work for you.

Keep reading to learn the top engagement ring trends of 2019 that will help you find the perfect ring…

Round, Cushion, Oval, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Pear, Asscher?

We offer 100% Natural Diamonds and are happy to find the perfect conflict free Diamond Jewelry. We’re going to explain exactly what cut is, why it’s so important, and what you should be looking for. Diamond cut is the single most important factor to consider if you want a brilliant diamond that really sparkles.

Round Cut

The most popular and classic Diamond Engagement Ring shape will always be the Round cut. Unmatched brilliance and beauty, The round diamond has been beloved by many through the decades.
The Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is for someone who is drawn to a classic and timeless style.

Someone who wants a traditional look that will last through the ages will gravitate towards the Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. If your women looking for maximum sparkle, than you can’t go wrong with the Round Cut Diamond Ring.

Celebrities who wear the Round Cut Diamond: Allison Williams, Brooke Shields, Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis, and Emily Blunt.

Princess Cut

The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring shape is edgy yet still delicate. If you have chosen a trendy girl, the princess cut is perfect for her. The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring also has intense sparkle and looks good every setting, so it is very flexible.

Like an upside-down pyramid a princess cut diamond is square on the top. Then four beveled sides come down underneath to a point. This modern design offers maximum sparkle and the clean lines keep the ring looking contemporary.

Celebrities who wear the Princess Cut Diamond: Kate Bosworth, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Hilary Duff.

Emerald Cut

Exuding old-world glamour, emerald diamond exudes old-world glamour. The Emerald cut Diamond Engagement Ring shape is the ultimate vintage cut. The Emerald cut is a step-cut diamond, so it isn’t known for sparkle. Unlike the “new-school” multi-faceted brilliant cuts, the emerald cut should be enjoyed for its luster and clarity instead.

Exuding elegance and refinement, the elongated shape and step-cut faceting of the Emerald cut Diamond Engagement Ring is great for someone on the more understated side.” Landau says this cut is best suited for women who have discerning taste—those who skew classic with an edge.

Celebrities who wear the Emerald Cut Diamond: Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Olivia Wilde, Mariah Carey, and Anne Hathaway.

Cushion Cut

The Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring shape is quickly becoming one of the most popular cuts and looks good in a lot of settings. With softly rounded edges, this romantic look is often referred to as a “Pillow Cut”. Though one thing o think is it’s not as brilliant as other cuts. The cushion cut is both feminine and trendy. Brilliant facets are perfect for someone searching for a soft look with a lot of sparkle. The cushion’s curved corners really excentuate the sparkle.

Celebrities who wear the Cushion Cut Diamond: Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Leighton Meester, Bar Refaeli, and Gabrielle Union.

Oval Cut

The most up-and-coming, popular diamond shapes is the Diamond Engagement Ring Oval cuts. For those who love to stay ahead of the trends, Oval diamonds will help your lady stand out. Diamond Engagement Ring Oval cuts are in the same pattern as the round diamond, so they’re very close in terms of brilliance. Not only do they look larger than round diamond, you lady’s finger will look longer and more slender when she is showing off that beautiful diamond from Premier Jewelers Jacksonville.

Oval cuts are perfect for those who love a classic, elegant aesthetic.

Celebrities who wear the Oval Cut Diamond: Serena Williams, Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes, Julianne Hough, and Christina Aguilera.

Pear Cut

Does your future bride bounce to the beat of their own drum? Is she a fashionista who won’t want a ring like everyone else? The Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is a unique, beautiful cut that looks especially good in a halo setting.

Known as the teardrop diamond, the pear cut is a cross between the round cut diamond and marquise cut diamond. One of the least common engagement ring cuts, the pear cut diamond gives the finger an elongated look.

Celebrities who wear the Pear Cut Diamond: Princess Charlene of Monaco, Kaley Cuoco, Katherine Heigl, Anna Kournikova, and Mia Farrow.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond engagment ring is the ultimate in engagment elegance. The Marquise Cut Diamond is an oval shape that meets in pointed ends, resembling the hull of a ship. The long shape is also flattering on short fingers and is known as the Navette cut. If you were in France, you would know that means “Little Boat” in French.

The marquise cut diamond engagement ring great for someone looking to create the illusion of elongated hands. The marquise cut football-shaped diamond appears the largest of all cuts.

Celebrities who wear the Marquise Cut Diamond: Christina Milian, Portia de Rossi, Ashlee Simpson Ross, and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Asscher Cut

With old world sophistication, women who love antiques and unique design gravitate more toward Asscher cuts. Seen as a 21st-century update to the emerald, the Asscher cut diamond is square-shaped and more sparkly. If your girl has vintage tastes, and likes modern flair the Asscher Cut Diamond is ideal.

Asscher cut diamonds have step-cut faceting rather than brilliant-cut faceting

Similar to emerald cuts, the step-cut makes them understated and elegant. As a hallmark of the ’20s and ’30s the Asscher Cut Diamond has a distinct Art Deco feel.

Celebrities who wear the Asscher Cut Diamond: Pippa Middleton, Gwenyth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, and Jessica Alba.

Radiant Cut

The radiant diamond exhibits fierce sparkle by combining the best of a few cuts. With it’s cropped corners, it’s also a good choice for active girls who prefer square shaped diamond. Women who like radiant cuts tend to be outgoing and social. The radiant cut is shaped like an octagon, similar to an emerald cut. Unlike an emerald, the radiant has 70 light-reflecting facets within it, for those who love a lot of sparkle and flash! It’s a real Bobby Dazzler!

Celebrities who wear the Radiant Cut Diamond: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, and Khloe Kardashian.

Diamond Grading Systems

Light performance and optical beauty are the criteria for how Diamond cut is graded. Not all jewelers and labs have the same standards, which is the trick to making sure your diamond is graded accurately. Diamond Expert Premier Jewelers of Jacksonville recommends diamonds with GIA or AGS certificates if it is important to you. GIA and AGS are the two largest labs with the most stringent, consistent, and high standards.

Note: Only round and princess cut diamonds are given a cut grade by GIA and AGS.

AGS tends to have a more rigorous cut grading system. AGS’s top grade of 0 Ideal has higher standards than GIA’s top grade of Excellent.

When giving diamonds a cut grade, the lab will take multiple scans and analyze these and many more factors:

  1. The overall proportion and symmetry of the diamond’s cut pattern
  2. The polish on the surface of the diamond
  3. The diamond’s weight compared to its face-up size
  4. The light performance of the diamond (how it reflects light, if it has dark areas, etc.)
  5. The white light and rainbow light reflections

Super ideal and Excellent diamonds will reflect almost all the light back (meaning super sparkly), while Poor diamonds will leak a lot of light. In our opinion, even if a diamond is graded “Good”, it’s not good enough for engagement rings.

We recommend a cut grade of Excellent if you can, or at the minimum, a Very Good if you truly can’t afford it. Don’t go down any more. It’s better to go down in color or clarity if you’re on a budget.

What about diamond earrings?

Not as scrutinized, or visible as an engagement ring, Diamond stud earrings can look great froma great distance without being the highest quality. If someone wants to get up close and personal with your earlobes, we suggest you run! Diamonds lower in color, J+, and clarity, 11+, work really well for Diamond Earrings. Go for a cut of Very Good at the very least people will notice how big and sparkly they are!

If you want Maximum Bling, get the ideal Diamond cut proportions!

You can either trust the GIA or AGS grading reports. Or you can do a bit of homework yourself by looking at the proportions. All these measurements and angles work together to reflect light back into the viewer’s eyes. It’s just physics.

Now, let’s explain the terms:

  • Crown: Top part of the diamond, the part you do see.
  • Pavilion: Bottom part of the diamond, the part you don’t see.
  • Table: The flat surface on top of the diamond. The table percentage is the width of this compared to the entire width.
  • Depth: Height of the diamond from top to bottom. The depth percentage is the height compared to the total width (or diameter). A small depth percentage means the diamond is too shallow, while one that’s too big means the diamond is too deep.
  • Pavilion depth: Height of the pavilion (the bottom part) compared to the total width. Again, too low means the diamond is too shallow, and too high means it’s too deep.
  • Culet: The very bottom tip of the diamond. In a well-cut diamond, it should be a perfect point. Sometimes, this is cut into a very small facet. If it’s too large, then light can pass through it. Or it can be seen from the top and look like a flaw.
  • Girdle: The edge that divides the crown and the pavilion. You don’t want it to be too thin because it’ll be easy to chip. You also don’t want it to be too thick because then weight is added where you can’t see it.
  • Symmetry: is symetrical! All facets should be should be centered and in the same and in line. If just one facet is slightly out of place it affects light performance. You’ll want a grade of “very good” or “excellent”.
  • Polish: Smoothness and shine of the finished surface. You also want a grade of “very good” or “excellent” for this.

The only two Cuts of Diamonds meant for Diamond Engagement Rings are round cut and princess cut. Those are the only two cuts given a cut grade by GIA and AGS.

AGS’s top diamond cut grade of 0 Ideal is a higher standards than GIA’s top grade of Excellent. AGS has a more rigorous diamond cut grading system.

When a diamond arrives to the lab to be graded, the lab will take scans and analyze many factors. When giving diamonds a cut grade these are factors the lab techs are looking for.

  • Proportion and symmetry of the diamond’s cut pattern
  • Polish on the surface of the diamond
  • Diamond weight versus it’s face-up size
  • The light performance of the diamond
  • How the diamond reflects light, if the diamond has dark areas.
  • The white light and rainbow light reflections
  • When the diamond reflects almost all the light back (meaning super sparkly) it gets a Super ideal or Excellent diamond grade, Poor diamonds will leak a lot of light.

Wholesale Deals, with a Retail setting

Diamond specialist Premier Jewelers Jacksonville is a jewelry store offering wholesale diamonds and engagement rings. We offer close to wholesale prices on diamond rings and jewelry. At Premier Jewelers’ Diamond and Jewelry store, in Jacksonville, Florida, we specialize in custom engagement rings. Explore our engagement rings in Jacksonville for a great selection at Premier Jewelers Diamonds. Find the diamond engagement ring or wedding band of his or her dreams at the price of your dreams.

Financing Available.

No cash or bad credit? Apply for no credit needed financing online for cheap diamond rings at incredibly low prices in Jacksonville, FL. Jacksonville Jeweler Premier Jewelers is committed to offer fine quality diamonds and engagement rings at affordable prices and we accept all major credit cards. We can even split your purchase amount between 2 or more cards for your convenience. We do offer interest free financing through Synchrony and Progressive as well. As of now, it is available for in store purchases only. Please see store for details and latest promotions as terms do change. Premier Jewelers will keep all your information confidential and will not be shared with any company except for the purpose of obtaining your approval through Synchrony Bank.We want to work with you to get that answer every Diamond Engagement ring asks, we want to help you get that “I Do!”

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